Privacy and Data Policy

Hedef Rent a Car Adana Airport Car Rental offers 15 years of customer satisfaction-oriented service guarantee to our valued customers seven days a week of uninterrupted rental car delivery and comfortable vip vehicles and offers transfer services.

Privacy Policy

Our company, which provides car rental services in Adana with the Target brand, takes care of the privacy of the visitors of the website and the customers who perform the booking process. In this sense, you can contact with our company during the navigation in web site pages, get advice about the subjects you want to ask and get more comprehensive information, knowing that when you contact us through the forms we have created for our car rental, Adana airport transfer and Adana vip car rental services. and we do not collect any data other than your personal information that you have left willingly.

The data we collect from you through the form entries on our site are as follows:

Your contact information for your car rental requests via Adana Hedef
Adana car rental, airport transfer services, vip vehicle rent and Adana airport car rental transactions with your car in the confirmation stage of the required contact, welcome name-surname, date-time, flight codes, such as information.
Adana Destination car rental services for periodic discounts and campaign packages prepared by you for membership information

These data collected from you through the forms in our web pages will be used only with your permission to contact you and provide information about our services.

Adana Hedef Oto Kiralama accepts and accepts this data from third party customers, companies and institutions in advance.

Target car rental, your current visit and every page visit for the purpose of statistical measurements;

-site and page visitor numbers

Service provider company domain names for internet visitors of site visitors

information such as, but in this process is not able to access and use personal information of people.

Adana Hedef Rent A Car uses cookies in other words, bir cookies ”. When you log in to a website, the symbol that you are using is referred to as ız browser tı by the name of the cookie-cookie. Cookies can store different types of data in many ways. With this feature, cookies can actually improve the functionality of a website, but it is useful for you to examine the use of our website for car rental, airport transfers, vip vehicle allocation service, vip transfer services and chauffeur-driven car rental services that we offer to our valued customers. Cookies on our website can never collect your personal information unless you have clear consent from our valuable site visitors.
The destination car rental web site, via page contents, partners and social media pages of the target auto rental links are available. Clicking on these links from the site opens a new page on your browser. Target car rental cannot be held responsible for content that may be included on external link pages that do not have a direct link to

In order to get detailed information about car rental, you can have a look at our page about our rental conditions.

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